Mini Square Plates
Mini Square Plates
Mini Square Plates

Mini Square Plates

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Well, we cannot lie, these plates made us laugh out loud for a very long time.

Indeed, everytime we see them on the shelf, they make us smile. Sick sense of humour, maybe. They certainly do down a storm in every household we have come across.

These super, super cute mini square plates are perfect to use for a small catch all/coin dish/food/jewellery, etc, etc. The list of uses is endless. Approx. 5"/12cm width. 

Each glaze is slightly different so each word will have a different colour from pale grey to pale blue. Each plate also has tiny imperfections but that is what makes then SO GREAT. 

Food, Microwave & Dishwasher Safe.

Slab built; fired to Cone 6 in an oxidation atmosphere. Stoneware pottery. The image transfer is part of the glaze and will not rub off or wash off; it is permanently fused.

Handcrafted in Pennsylvania.

Made in USA.